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Travellers on John Ruskin Playing Field
21/08/2014 09:30:00

Travellers have left a huge amount of waste in John Ruskin Playing Field just off Oaks Road in the Heathfield ward of my constituency.

This is yet another green space in Croydon that has been the victim of colossal fly-tipping by a group of travellers that were pitched here a few days ago.

We've seen this all summer: several families, several groups, moving around parks and green space in the borough - moved on each time by the council but nothing being done to make the people clear up the mess that they have created or actually to charge and prosecute them for all the damage they are doing to our community.

The new Labour council that was elected back in May rightly said that it was going to make a priority of trying to clean up Croydon. They've come up with this slogan, ‘Don't Mess With Croydon’.

My message to Cllr Stuart Collins is what is he going to do to make sure the people that are responsible for this actually pay for the damage that they are doing to our environments? My constituents are sick and tired of site after site being treated in this way, the council spending a fortune moving these people on and then having to clean up all the mess.

It's council tax payers that are paying for this. What we need from the council is clear action to hold the people that are causing this responsible. It's about time we saw that action.

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