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Thank you
It is just over seven weeks since the General Election at which I ceased to be your Member of Parliament. I have now finished winding up my office, so this will be my final message to you. It has been a privilege to represent my home town in Parliament for the last seven years and I will be forev..  .........  Read whole story

My concession speech after the 2017 General Election
Representing your home town in Parliament is one of the greatest honours you can have. I have enjoyed the seven years in which I've had the privilege of holding this office immensely and I hope my successor,..  .........  Read whole story

Today is polling day - and why I hope you'll lend me your vote
It's been an honour to be the Member of Parliament for my home town for the last seven years. But there's so much more we can do to make Croydon the place it could be. I've recorded a message here...  .........  Read whole story

Howler at the Hustings
If you managed to attend the Croydon BID/Croydon Advertiser hustings last week you'll have seen me and the other Croydon Central candidates answering questions from members of the public about a wide variety of issues. If you didn't,..  .........  Read whole story

Campaigning suspended
My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Manchester in the wake of Monday night's horrific terrorist attack and in particular with the family and friends of those who were killed or injured. As a father of three boys,..  .........  Read whole story

Funding care for the elderly while making sure people who have worked hard can pass something on to their kids or grandchildren
Over the last few days lots of people have contacted me with concerns about proposals in the Conservative Party manifesto about how to fund care for the elderly in the future. Although these proposals are an improvement on the status quo - under which you might only be able to pass on £23,000 of..  .........  Read whole story

My Five Point Plan for Croydon
As part of my re-election campaign I am launching my five point plan for Croydon. To see it as a short video please click here . Or to see it as a web page please click here .  .........  Read whole story

Can you help with my campaign?
Croydon Central is one of the most marginal seats in the country - I won by just 165 votes two years ago. If you want me to continue as your local MP and you want Theresa May not Jeremy Corbyn as our Prime Minister for the next five years,..  .........  Read whole story

What does a good MP look like?
  .........  Read whole story

Why do we need this election?
We need an election to strengthen the Prime Minister’s hand in the crucial negotiations with the EU that are about to get underway. At the moment, the Government only has a very small majority in Parliament...  .........  Read whole story

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