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Travellers leave waste on John Ruskin Playing Field
Travellers have left a huge amount of waste in John Ruskin Playing Field just off Oaks Road in the Heathfield ward of my constituency. This is yet another green space in Croydon that has been the victim of colossal fly-tipping by a group of travellers that were pitched here a few days ago. We..  .........  Read whole story

Would you like to visit the Houses of Parliament?
As your local MP, I spend Mondays to Thursdays working in one of the country's most beautiful buildings. But the Palace of Westminster isn't just for MPs - it is your Parliament. That's why I'm writing to offer the chance for me to give you a guided tour of the building...  .........  Read whole story

An invitation from Boris
For the last four and a bit years, I’ve had the honour of being your MP. In this job, you can’t please all of the people all of the time. Every time I vote in the House of Commons some (hopefully most!) of my constituents will agree with the way I’ve voted,..  .........  Read whole story

Over 100 come to Back Barwell for 2015
On Saturday 19th July, over 100 volunteers from across the country travelled to Croydon to back the campaign to re-elect Gavin Barwell as the Member of Parliament for Croydon Central at next year’s General Election. With the election less than 300 days away,..  .........  Read whole story

Latest figures show unemployment in Croydon Central has fallen yet again
1,871 of my constituents claimed Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) in June. That's down 186 or 9.0 per cent in the last month and 1,000 or 34.8 per cent on a year ago. The news regarding youth unemployment is even better...  .........  Read whole story

Third annual summer school for Croydon students
On Monday 14th and Tuesday 15th July 2014, 40 politics students from secondary schools in Croydon visited the Houses of Parliament for a once in a lifetime experience at the heart of British democratic life. They were given a tour of the Palace of Westminster,..  .........  Read whole story

Former Ashburton Library future in turmoil due to Council bungling
Gavin Barwell, Member of Parliament for Croydon Central, has met with angry members of a local church charity whose plans to renovate the dilapidated former Ashburton Library building have been scuppered by the Labour administration now in charge of Croydon Council. The much-loved building in Ash..  .........  Read whole story

If you rent your home from a private landlord, it looks like our new Labour Council is about to put your rent up by £200 a year
Croydon Council is consulting on introducing a 'Selective Licensing' scheme for private rented accommodation. Despite the title, there’s nothing selective about it. Every private landlord in the borough would have to pay £200 a year to the Council for the privilege of renting out a property...  .........  Read whole story

Illegal rave at former Royal Mail building next to East Croydon station
Just after 9pm last night, police attended the former Royal Mail building next to East Croydon station after receiving information that a rave was going to take place. They found an estimated 200 people inside the building and a further 200-300 outside waiting to gain entry...  .........  Read whole story

Unemployment falls in Croydon yet again
2,057 of my constituents claimed Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) in May. That's down 33 or 1.6 per cent in the last month and 934 or 31.2 per cent on a year ago. The news regarding youth unemployment is even better...  .........  Read whole story

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