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Gavin Barwell MP: An income tax cut for 43,425 Croydon Central residents

Date Filed:  Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New research has revealed that the Coalition Government will cut the income tax bill of 43,425 Croydon Central residents (and 136,900 people across the borough as a whole).

1,793 Croydon Central residents (and 5,652 people across the borough as a whole) will no longer have to pay any income tax at all.

Gavin Barwell, MP for Croydon Central, commented: “The decisions politicians make tell you a lot about whose side they are on.

“Two weeks ago, the Chancellor announced a further increase in the personal allowance, the amount of money we can earn before we start paying income tax. This is a tax cut for anyone who earns more than £9,205 a year but proportionately it benefits those on lower incomes the most. As a result, the richest people in society will pay a higher proportion of income tax in every year of this Government than in any of the 13 years when Labour were in power. Someone working full time on the minimum wage will have their income tax bill cut in half. These are the people I am passionate about helping - people who are doing the right thing, working hard for not very much money rather than claiming benefits.”


For more information please contact Mario Creatura using Mario.creatura@parliament.uk or calling 0207 219 2119.

Notes to Editors

• Increasing the personal allowance. To support those on low
and middle incomes the Government will increase the personal allowance by a further £235 in April 2013, taking it up by £1335 to £9,440. This will benefit 24.4 million people, with most basic and higher rate taxpayers gaining an extra £47, with a total cash gain of £267. In total 2.2 million people will have been taken out of income tax altogether.

• Introducing a Welfare Uprating Bill to uprate benefits by 1 per cent. We need a welfare system that is fair to the working people who pay for it. For the next three years, Government will uprate most working age benefits and tax credits, excluding disability and carers benefits, by 1 per cent. They will introduce primary legislation to deliver this – the Welfare Uprating Bill.

• Protecting those with the greatest need. Disability Living Allowance, Attendance allowance, Carer’s Allowance, Incapacity Benefit and Severe Disablement Allowance are all protected. These benefits will be uprated by the CPI rate of inflation as normal.

• Putting welfare spending on a sustainable path. These measures will save £2.8 billion by 2015-16. This puts welfare on a sustainable path and restores fairness for the people that pay for it.

• Most benefit levels have risen twice as fast as average earnings. Most benefit levels have risen by 20 per cent since the financial crisis, compared to average earnings which have gone up by only 10 per cent (HM Treasury Internal Briefing, 5 December 2012).

• Labour oppose these welfare reforms and voted AGAINST the benefit cap to end the something for nothing culture of the welfare system. The Labour Party, led by Ed Miliband, voted against a deferred division on introducing the benefit cap on 21 November 2012. Labour MPs also voted against the Government’s plans to cap benefits at £26,000 in February. They voted against overturning a Lords’ amendment which would have effectively wrecked the cap (Hansard, 21 November 2012, Col. 689; Hansard, 1 February 2012, Col. 902).

People benefitting from income tax cuts, broken down by constituency:

Constituency / Benefit from tax cut in April 2013 / Taken out of tax in April 2013

Croydon Central / 43,425 / 1,793
Croydon North / 51,592 / 2,130
Croydon South / 41,883 / 1,729

Total in Croydon: 136,900 / 5,652


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