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Helping households with their council tax bill

Date Filed:  Friday, January 11, 2013

Gavin Barwell, MP for Croydon Central, has welcomed Government moves to help households bring down their monthly bills by spreading council tax payments over 12 months, rather than 10.

The new right to choose to pay in 12 monthly instalments comes into effect from April. Local taxpayers just need to contact Croydon Council to request the change.

This latest move comes on top of central Government funding to freeze council tax for the third consecutive year and the scrapping of Labour’s planned expensive council tax revaluation.
Commenting Gavin said:

‘Here in Croydon, council tax more than doubled under Labour. With Conservatives in government nationally and locally, bills have been frozen and now we’re making it possible for people to spread their bills evenly throughout the year. Another example of how it’s Conservatives who are on the side of hard-working families.’


For further information, please contact Mario Creatura on 0207 219 2119.

Notes to editors

For more information on the Government policy please go to https://www.gov.uk/government/news/action-on-council-tax-a-helping-hand-to-residents-cost-of-living-says-eric-pickles

• Council tax payments over 12 months. On 1 January 2013 new rules came into effect that enabled council tax bills to be paid over 12 months, rather than 10 months. The new right comes into effect from April. Local taxpayers just need to contact their council (the local billing authority) to request the change. Taxpayers can continue to pay in 10 instalments over the year, if they wish - there is no obligation to change. The move will lower average band D council tax instalments by an average of £24 per month for 10 months (DCLG Press Release, 1 January 2013, link).

Other actions to keep Council Tax bills down

• We are helping councils fund a council tax freeze for a third consecutive year. For the past two years we have provided central Government funding for local authorities in England to freeze council tax. Now we will provide additional funding through a grant, equivalent to a 1 per cent increase in council tax, for those local authorities that freeze their council tax next year. Local authorities that increase council tax will not be eligible (HM Treasury, Autumn Statement, December 2012, p.66).
• We will require a referendum for any local authority to increase council tax by more than 2 per cent in 2013-14. We recognise that times are tough and it can be difficult for families to make ends meet. If councils choose not to hold council tax down, they could face the prospect of putting their council tax hike to the public vote. Using the powers under the new Localism Act, we propose to introduce a new threshold of 2 per cent for council tax rises. If councils want to increase council tax above 2 per cent they will have to hold and win a local referendum (DCLG Press Release, 24 December 2012, link).
• Labour’s council tax revaluation cancelled. The Government has protected families from potential increases in council tax bills by ruling out a council tax revaluation in England for the remainder of this Parliament. Labour’s planned council tax hikes would have meant soaring bills for millions of homes (DCLG Press Release, 23 March 2011).

Labour’s record on Council tax

• Council tax bills doubled under Labour. Council tax soared across the country under Labour, with bills hitting £1,439 on Band D in England in 2010-11 (DCLG Press Release, 24 March 2010). By contrast, council tax was £688 in 1997-98 when Labour came to power (DoE Press Release, 20 March 1997). This means council tax rose by 109 per cent – or an extra £751 a year on a Band D home. Since all other Bands are set as a percentage of Band D, every type of home has seen their bill double.
• Council tax rose by 13 per cent in just one year under Labour. Under Labour, the council tax paid on an average Band D property increased by 12.9 per cent in 2003-04, the largest increase on record (DCLG, Band D council tax figures 1993-94 to 2012-13, link).
• If council tax had been frozen under Labour, it would have saved the average family more than £5,500. If Labour had frozen council tax at 1997-98 levels, the average family would have saved more than £5,600 by 2010-11 (DCLG, Band D council tax figures 1993-94 to 2012-13, link).
• We have already cut council tax in real terms by 4.4 per cent since coming to power. But we can still do more to help families with the cost of living (Hansard, 2 July 2012, Col. 579).


 Croydon Council tax percentage increases since 2003-2012
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